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Curtsies and Hand Grenades is a feminist centered film blog run by Willow Maclay. She is a freelance writer/film critic currently residing in St. John's, Newfoundland. She has written for outlets such as The Village Voice, Ebert Voices, CinemaScope, Cleo: A Journal of Film & Feminism, Movie Mezzanine, The Film Stage, Oscillioscope, Seventh Row, The Vulgar Cinema, Bechdel Test Fest, Nashville City Scene, MUBI Notebook, Pro Wrestling Feelings, In Review Online, Vague Visages and SVLLY(WOOD) Magazine. She also has a moderately popular account on letterboxd where she refuses to review movies and makes very bad jokes.

You can follow her @willow_catelyn on twitter

Contact her for hiring at willowcatelynmaclay@gmail

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