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Curtsies and Hand Grenades is a feminist centered film blog run by Willow Maclay. The general goal of Curtsies is to raise the voices of women in the filmmaking industry as well as discussing films from a feminist viewpoint. Being feminist isn't the be all end all to a film being of quality though, and this website seeks to contribute writing towards those movies that aren't just good representations of women, but also strong cinema in general. Not everything on Curtsies and Hand Grenades is viewed through a feminist lens and sometimes writing that is present here may simply be for fun, but most of the time gender theory and feminism finds it's way into my work whether it be the critical, personal or both.

Willow Maclay is a freelance writer currently residing in St. John's, Newfoundland. She has written for The Vulgar Cinema, Cleo-Journal, Seventh Row and Movie Mezzanine, and her work has been featured on Slant Magazine and Roger Ebert.com. She has a moderately popular account on letterboxd where she refuses to review movies and makes very bad jokes.

You can follow her @willow_catelyn on twitter

Contact her for hiring at willowcatelynmaclay@gmail

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